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Nigerian man killed with body parts missing in Ghana

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Police in central part of Ghana are investigating the circumstances under which a Nigerian man was killed in a town called Kasoa.

According to police officials the 30-year-old Nigerian popularly known as God’s power was murdered this month.

Residents in the Gomoa Bantama community where he was found dead said he was staying with two other Nigerian friends.

Police found the lifeless body of the deceased in a pool of blood Sunday, March 21 with parts of his body reportedly missing.

Roommates of the victim who are all Nigerians who are the prime suspects are currently on the run.

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A leader of the Nigerians living in the area, Chief Kessinton Olado told local media that “I’m feeling very bad myself.

I’m very unhappy about this situation that is going on. We are trying to get the culprits.”

“What I want to advise is to remain calm. Please Nigerians, especially in Gomoa Bantama, we should learn to live in peace.

And this kind of issue should not happen again, not in our community,” he was quoted as saying.

There are thousands of Nigerians living and working in Ghana as the two nations enjoy cordial friendship.




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