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Add value to your property with Pergola kits

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Probably once, you have looked at your backyard, and it seems like there’s something that’s missing.

Aside from outdoor tables and chairs and plants in your home garden, maybe there’s that piece which you see as the key. This key will give out its purpose to make space better like it was before.

Thinking about building your very own pergola may be the one you’re looking for. Adding a touch of it will surely improve your outdoor area, it will serve a lot of benefits to you and your entire family and will be a great buy than putting anything else.

Today, Pergola kits have their name in the market. These kits are pieces of pre-cut wood, vinyl, or other materials that you need to assemble as well as build on your own.

There are many options you could choose from these kits, be it from designs and materials one thing is for sure, this will not break your bank at all.

1. Purpose and Benefits

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Pergola serves more benefits than you could ever think of. Aside from it adds more beauty to your outdoor areas, it gives you shade against sun rays as well as protects you against rain when you’re outside. Truly, you will surely not worry anymore about having a day or a night out in your space.

2. Cost

Luckily, Pergola kits will help you build your pergola without worrying about the cost. It will save you more money as buying a built one or getting a contractor to build those pieces requires a higher price.

Therefore, to help you choose the right pergola you dreamed of, here are some samples and top picks you might bring into consideration upon choosing your kit.

On-The-List: Famous Pergola Kits

1. Dura-Trel Queensbrook Pergola

Having that elegant and sophisticated pergola will surely gain positive feedback from your visitors. Covering a space of almost 115 inches, this is a great deal to have in your backyard. It features a flat top and slats, which is a great thing to help you put a cover on hot days and even on rainy days.

Thus, if you don’t want to put some cover in it, outdoor vine plants could fill it up to add shade and give that earthy approach. You will not worry about fading as it is made of vinyl material with a metal anchor to keep its balance. It will not even cost you a penny for its maintenance, so it will truly last for a long period. 

2. Handy Home Products Brezina

Made of premium cedar wood material, this handy home pergola is a bang. Featuring its rusty color and wooden material, it gives out that earthy approach to your backyard. Aside from that, its look is most likely different from the first one as this comes with a four-sided roof which protects you from both sun and rain.

Unlike other pergolas, you don’t need to put any coverings, making it more convenient. Aside from that, it doesn’t come with any shingle and has a drip edge which gives you the power to build with your own choice.

Although it is made of wood, the material being used is resistant to any decay. It is as thick as the metal, yet more protected as it is compacted. It also comes with steel brackets that are powder-coated, giving it a strong build.

3. U-MAX Outdoor Steel Pergola with Sun Shades

Looking for a modern-day look on pergola? U-Max might be the one. Unlike other steel arched pergola, this one surely will not cost you much. This makes you assemble the pieces easier with just the use of some tools and help from others.

Having that lower price for a steel arched pergola will not disappoint you, as this also offers the same durability. It also has a canopy that you could adjust on your own, and it is not just fabric like what is on the other pergola. It is a water-resistant canopy that will last longer and will protect you from any weather. 

4. Best Choice Products 10x10ft Outdoor Gazebo

Having an outdoor gazebo might give you another option in choosing your pergola. Maybe you could consider this as a protective pergola as this comes with a 10×10 hard top roof that will protect you from any elements.

It has a zippered bug and net on all four sides that are mainly to protect you against tricky insects. It also has 12 stakes of a resilient frame that are rustproof, and this will surely last longer.

With its wide space, you can put anything you want inside. You will not worry about anything as the outdoor environment will not affect it because of its protective gear. For assembling, you can easily put anything together as not that heavy, thus can withstand harsh situations.

5. Backyard Discovery Laguna Cabana Pergola

Well, this one might look different from the usual pergola you see. With its minimalist look, this will suit any part of your backyard.

Laguna Cabana Pergola comes differently from the usual. This stands with just two sides, thus comes with other benefits within. It has two seats that could fit up at least 4 persons and a table on the center edge of the pergola that is perfect when having a group conversation.

It comes with three compositions that will give you that elegant and clean look on a pergola. First made with the rare Meranti woods, its straight-grain pattern on its touchpoints, which is the armrest and table stand gives you that comfort.

Second, they make its bars out of Cedarwood that gives that aesthetic approach. Third, it has a metal base to give you a comfortable and safe seat. With its open design, this compliments the eyes of anyone who sees it.


Building it by your pergola will somehow give you more benefit than having it fixed by others. With the help of Pergola Kits, this will help you save more money in time, and you will even give you a bond when you have it fixed with the help of your family.

Wrapping things up, these are just some of the pergolas you could choose from. Discover a more unique and underlying take on this amazing backyard structure and worry no more about staying on the outside.

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