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Kenyan serial killer lynched after escaping from custody

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A self-confessed serial killer in Kenya has been lynched after escaping from custody this week.

Police said Masten Wanjala had escaped from custody with authorities launching a manhunt for him.

But he was traced by villagers to his hide-out in a town called Bungoma where he was beaten to death by the mob.

Wanjala had confessed killing more than 10 young boys during a five-year period. He drugged his victims and in some cases drinking their blood.

According to police, Wanjala poses as a football coach to lure his victims to secluded areas to attack them.

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In some cases he took them as hostages for ransom.

Three police officers were charged with aiding the escape of the suspect and negligence.

Police said Wanjala returned to the Bungoma community where his parents reside but luck eluded him after the mob strangled him.

Bungoma’s police commander, Musyoki Mutung told local media that “We are not sure how he managed to travel all the way from Nairobi to his rural home.”

He added that “It is the curious villagers who first identified him and went ahead to kill him even before the police could be informed.”

The suspect was arrested in July this year and he took the police to burial sites of his victims where bodies were recovered.


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