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Apollo Interface an Addiction

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An Appolo Interfaces are the world’s most acclaimed professional recording interfaces for Mac and Windows, giving project and commercial studios superior A/D and D/A conversion with the tone, feel, and realtime workflow of classic analog recording. Appolo Interface is well worth the money.

Its preamps, design, and capabilities in real-time processing are worth the money alone, and it’s safe to say that if you do buy this interface, you won’t regret it. Amazing sound quality.

The new apollo interface advances the technology of computer audio interfaces in two significant ways: it offers integrated duo or quad core real time UAD plug-in processing, and it’s the first audio interface to offer the option to connect through an über-fast Thunderbolt port.

Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, the Apollo series features end-to-end uncompromising componentry, from its four digitally controlled mic preamps, to its top-end converters.

What differentiates Appolo interface:

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What this means for you is that you’ll hear every detail in your music, essential for professional recording or mixing. With clear, dynamic sound reproduction, Apollo interfaces give you the perfect sonic canvas to paint with.

Appolo interfaces come with various sets of features at many different price points. It’s important to identify what you’re looking for in an audio interface before you buy one; this will ensure the appolo interface you buy provides all the features you need.

Knowing about features you don’t need is equally as important, and can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Housed in a very smart metal case, the Apollo interface has the look and feel of a quality product. Around six inches square, it’s larger and heavier than most of the other desktop interfaces I’ve encountered, but still merits the tag ‘portable’.

Compared with RME’s or MOTU’s Track 16, the interface has the great advantage that all its I/O is built into the unit itself, rather than delegated to an awkward flying cable. In other respects, though, its basic design shares many ideas with those products.

Apart from the headphone socket and a high-impedance jack input for connecting electric guitars, all the socketry resides on the back panel, while the top is dominated by a large, multi-function rotary controller with associated buttons and LED meters.

Appolo Interface worth it:

You should buy the appolo interface if you’re looking for the latest and greatest. After releasing the Arrow, appolo quickly launched their new series of powered interfaces. The Apollo interface is the entry-level device for the X series and features new and improved preamps. Many professional studios and live sound setups use appolo interfaces- Appolo interfaces are available at a wide range of price ranges and with a variety of feature sets.

Final Words:

The Apollo Interface is one of the best audio interfaces you’ll ever use. It’s still a confusing purchase for some people, though, because it’s in a tricky price range. It’s well worth the money, but it’s also well beyond the average beginner budget. The Apollo interface would be good enough on its own, but the plugin pack you receive with the Heritage Edition is definitely worth your consideration.

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