Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Ashley Halsey

Ashley Halsey is a professional investment and financial writer at Lucky assignments and Gum essays, who loves nothing more than seeking out new opportunities. Mother of two children, she enjoys traveling, yoga, and partaking in charity work.

The best reasons why you need to invest in South Africa

There’s absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind that South Africa is the economic hub of Africa, and this is the part of Africa, which...

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Lifting sanctions on Mali may take longer than expected

On Sunday Mali’s transitional government leader, retired Col. Major Ba N’Daou named a new civilian prime minister. N’Daou appointed former foreign affairs minister of the...

Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Sabah dies aged 91

Kuwait's Emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, has died at the age of 91, state media report. His 83-year-old half-brother, Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmed, has...

Uganda to undertake human trials of Covid-19 vaccine

Uganda's government has said that human trials of a Covid-19 vaccine will start in November this year. Ministry of health officials are reported by local...

Ghana: Secessionist group burns buses, state transport terminal

Some persons suspected to be members of Ghana’s secessionist group called the Western Togoland study group foundation have burnt down a state transport terminal...

Togo gets first ever female Prime Minister

Togo's President Faure Gnassingbé on Monday appointed the country's first ever female prime minister. Victoire Tomegah Dogbé now succeeds Komi Sélom Klassou who had led...
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