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EU leaders clash over refugees

Two years after the Mediterranean migrant crisis shook the European Union, a tentative effort by the bloc to patch up differences over refugee policy has stumbled, revealing enduring rifts among the bloc’s leaders over the contentious…

Brexit: EU leaders to move talks to next stage

EU leaders are expected to formally agree to start the next phase of Brexit negotiations later. It means talks can move on to the long-term relationship between the UK and EU, days after Theresa May suffered her first defeat in the House of…

Brexit: ‘Breakthrough’ deal secured

Prime Minister Theresa May has struck a last minute deal with the EU to move Brexit talks on to the next phase. There will be no "hard border" in Ireland and EU citizens in the UK, and UK citizens in the EU, will see their rights protected.

World leaders react to army takeover in Zimbabwe

There have been several reactions to the military takeover in Zimbabwe which has led to the detention of the country's President Robert Mugabe and the arrest of some of his cabinet ministers.

Britain given two-week Brexit deadline

EU Brexit chief Michel Barnier on Friday handed Britain a two-week ultimatum to make concessions on a divorce agreement if it wants to unlock the next phase of talks in December.

EU to reopen embassy in Libya

The European Union is seeking to reopen its embassy in Libya pending security conditions, officials said on Tuesday, offering further political support for the Tripoli government struggling to establish control.