Cannabis in Morocco attracting tourists

Morocco is becoming a major tourist attraction nation not only for its historical sites and holiday resorts but because of its cannabis plantations.

Tourists are reportedly traveling to the North African nation in order to have a taste of its “Kif” the local name for the drug which is consumed by residents.

An AFP report quoted a Moroccan called Hassan saying that cannabis was “our main source of wealth”.

“The climate here is very special. Nothing grows here except kif,” he added.

The growing and consumption of cannabis has not been featured in Morocco’s official tourism brochures but the drug attracts thousands of visitors yearly.

Morocco’s law bans the sale and consumption of the drug, but farmers continue to grow vast plantations of cannabis which has created jobs for many.

AFP reported that smoking ‘kif’ is also seen as part of the local culture, and is largely tolerated by the authorities.

Morocco recently held the “Bombola Ganja” festival which was an evening gathering of smokers at a hotel swimming pool in mid-September.



Source Africa Feeds

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