Cameroonians flee country amid military crackdown

Cameroonians from the western part of the country are reported to be fleeing the area to escape the military crackdown on persons and campaigns seeking independence.

Hundreds of people are said to have left the country’s two English-speaking regions following intensified operation to deal with the secessionist movement in the country.

Many of those fleeing the country have crossed over to neighboring Nigerian towns of Bamenda and Kumfa along the border between Cameroon and Nigeria.

The military in Cameroon has been increasing its operations in the Anglophone region of the country after 10 security officials were killed in an attack believed to have been triggered by the secessionist movement.

The President of Cameroon Paul Biya has told citizens of his country that he would ensure that attacks by separatists in the English-speaking regions of the country are brought to an end.

Paul Biya has described those behind the attacks as “a band of terrorists”.

“I think that things are now clear to everyone. Cameroon is the victim of repeated attacks by a band of terrorists claiming to be part of a secessionist movement.

Faced with these attacks of aggression, I assure the Cameroonian people that all measures are being taken to end these criminals’ ability to do harm,” Paul Biya further said.

There have been agitations from the people of Cameroon’s English speaking region who have accused the Francophone majority of discrimination.

Their concerns ranges from not getting jobs opportunities and having legal systems in French language imposed on them.

Those claims have been rejected by the government. There has been a crackdown on such dissents as well in the past months with hundreds arrested just over the past four months.

Cameroon was colonised by Germany but was split into British and French areas after World War One.




Source Africa Feeds

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