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[Video]: The South Africans composing songs about Coronavirus

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South Africa and nine other African countries have confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

The country has so far confirmed seven coronavirus cases with no deaths recorded yet.

But it appears South Africans are seeing the lighter side of the health crisis.

A video of some black South Africans composing a song about the deadly virus has gone viral on social media.

South Africans are largely talented when it comes to singing and the rendition of the coronavirus song was soothing to the ears.

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Ten African countries have now reported of the deadly coronavirus with total number of confirmed cases so far surpassing 100.

Burkina Faso was the latest African country to report of the virus with two cases.

The patients are a couple, one of whom recently returned from France.

They are currently quarantined in hospital. Burkina Faso becomes the 6th sub-Saharan African country to report positive cases of coronavirus.

Egypt (59), Algeria (20) and Nigeria (2) Tunisia (5), Togo (1), Cameroon (2), Morocco (2), Burkina Faso (2), South Africa (7) and Senegal (4) are the cases so far.

The continent has also recorded its first Coronavirus death in Egypt, where the first case on the continent was recorded.


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