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Life returning to normal in China as coronavirus pandemic eases

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China for almost two months was on lockdown with several strict quarantine rules and travel restrictions, but that was at the peak of the outbreak there.

News of the coronavirus outbreak started in Chinese city of Wuhan last year and since then the world has been brought to a standstill as more countries report of cases.

After fighting to contain the spread which infected over 80,000 people and killed over 3,100, life is slowly returning to normal in China.

Cases had been reported in 31 provincial-level regions on Chinese mainland but over 36,117 patients infected with the novel coronavirus had been discharged from hospitals.

Chinese officials have even extended a hand of help to other nations such as Italy, assisting them to fight the outbreak.

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Local media in China reports of workers gradually returning to their jobs with medical staff getting some relief at last, as the number of new patients falls and the condition of others improves.

Schools, factories, public spaces and tourism destinations are all starting to reopen.

World Health Organization declares Coronavirus a pandemic

One Chinese business man who wanted to return to one of the cities hit by the outbreak told South Chinese Morning Post, that “We made phone calls every day, so much so that they [local officials] did not pick up their phones when they saw our numbers.”

But after clearance by officials to go back home he said “I feel much better. Finally, I’m back home.”

Another construction worker said “The epidemic has affected my life but not severely. My only hope is to ask for my salary back”.

He lost out on a month’s pay, but said it was that was fine, while praising the government’s job in quickly controlling the spread of the virus.

“I’m impressed by the government’s quick actions on this,” he said.

The South Chinese Morning Post reported that according to official data China’s factory activity contracted in February because of the outbreak.

The official purchasing managers’ index for the manufacturing sector fell to a record low of 35.7 in February, down 14.3 points from January.

Many coronavirus deaths were rather caused by Sepsis

Chinese President Xi Jinping has already made his first visit to Wuhan, Hubei province’s capital during the week.

That was his first visit since the coronavirus outbreak began there more than two months ago. That obviously signalled that China has largely won the fight against the epidemic.

The Hubei government has already issued a notice asking companies to resume operations in an orderly manner, although residents are still restricted from leaving the province.

Hubei has now been divided into three categories – with regions classified as high, middle and low risk.

Companies in low risk regions have been asked to gradually resume business, while in high risk areas, companies involved in epidemic prevention and control, public services and supply of daily necessities are allowed to reopen.

These stories from China gives some hope that after-all with proper strategy, the battle against the Coronavirus can be won.




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