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Ghana’s govt concerned with ‘cash producer’ TV ads by traditional priests

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Ghana’s government is reportedly concerned with reports of local traditional priests advertising on TV as producers of cash or money.

Across many TV platforms in Ghana these traditional priests and some who call themselves ‘Mallams’ profess to have the power to manufacture money.

In adverts showed on various TV stations, these priests promise potential clients of conjuring cash for them to solve their social problems.

But seekers of their services have to however compensate them once they execute the said task.

It is unclear how these priests carry out their cash manufacturing prowess and if indeed they are true but many Ghanaians are reportedly concerned.

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Citizens are also worried about the impact on social values among people when it comes to accessing money which should come from hard-work and not magical powers.

Ghana’s Information minister, Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah has told local media how concerned the government is about the emerging trend.

His office told Africa Feeds in a text message that the “government has written to the National Media Commission (NMC) and the Bank of Ghana to look into concerns of some Mallams and Fetish priests advertising on television as manufacturers or producers of cash.”

The NMC and the Bank of Ghana who are regulatory bodies for the media and financial institutions respectively are expected to intervene in the issue.

It is unclear when such an intervention will come and it what form it would take.

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