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Mali: UN condemns the killing of 3 peacekeepers in deadly attack

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The United Nation has condemned the death of three peacekeepers in Northern Mali.

According to the United Nations, the three were killed and four severely wounded after a routine patrol hit improvised explosive devices in the region of Aguelhok.

Mahamat Saleh Annadif, U.N. mission chief in Mali, said in the statement that those who carried out the attack will be fished out and punished.

He said “We will combine all efforts to identify and apprehend those responsible for these terrorist acts so that they can answer for their crimes.”

The UN mission in the Sahel has around 13,000 soldiers and with the support of the French military help to fight off jihadists who have been carrying out deadly attacks since 2012.

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In 2013 these militants were driven back from northern Mali but they quickly regrouped, stoking ethnic rivalries and boosting recruitment and destabilizing the region.

The conflict in Mali has now engulfed the centre of the country and spread to neighbouring Burkina Faso and Niger.

On several occasions Malian soldiers had been killed in separate attacks carried out by the militants.

In January this year militants launched a rocket attack on a military base for the United Nations.

UN officials said twenty people including 18 peacekeepers were wounded in that attack also in northern Mali.





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