Monday, June 27, 2022

‘Apple tree’ bears fruits in Ghana, sparks joy among Ghanaians

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Elvis Adjetey
Elvis Adjetey
Elvis Adjetey is an experienced African journalist who has worked with top media brands in Ghana where he is based.
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Many Ghanaians on social media have been reveling in the news that a supposed apple tree planted in Ghana’s Ashanti region has now bore fruits.

The tree was planted five years ago and has just started bearing fruits, according to local media.

Ghana is not known for growing apple and almost all apple fruits sold in the Ghanaian market are imported.

So with the news of an apple tree planted five years ago now bearing fruits, it appears to be a story that excites many who hope Ghana could now consider going into mass apple production.

A social media user posted pictures of the apple tree and the fruits on it on twitter and said “Growing up, we were told this tree can only survive outside Ghana but thanks be to God this Apple tree is producing it’s first fruit after five years it was cultivated in WIAMOASE – ASHANTI.”

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“Sadly! The young lady who planted the Apple seed died just after the seed started growing, the Apple tree is yielding fruits now for all to see. This is called Legacy! This is the fruit of her labour,” the social media user also wrote.

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Local news outlet Joy FM reported that largely, it is believed that apple cannot be cultivated properly in Ghana due to climate and soil.

Residents in the community are now asking officials to examine the tree and consider making seeds available for mass production.

But scientists are yet to confirm if indeed the tree is that of apple or another species.

Ghana however is well known for producing cash crops like Cocoa, Mango and Cashew, adding Apple could create more jobs for many.

Social media reaction

On social media Ghanaians have been expressing their joy.

In Africa the top countries that produce and export apple include, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Madagascar.

Zimbabwe and Kenya also rank high on the list of countries in Africa that produce apple.




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