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Mali’s coup leaders want to stay in power for three years

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Isaac Kaledzi
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The military junta that seized power in Mali does not want to leave power anytime soon as they demand a military-led transitional body to rule for three years.

This demand was made during negotiations with the delegation from Ecowas helping to resolve the political crisis in Mali.

A source in the Ecowas delegation in capital Bamako was quoted by the AFP as saying that “The junta has affirmed that it wants a three-year transition to review the foundations of the Malian state.

This transition will be directed by a body led by a soldier, who will also be head of state.”

The source added that “The government will also be predominantly composed of soldiers.”

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“The three-year transition would have a military president and a government mostly composed of soldiers,” according to a member of the junta.

But Colonel Ismael Wague, spokesman for the junta, on Monday denied reports the CNSP wanted a three-year transition led by a soldier and mostly made up of the military.

“I want to clarify that at this stage of the discussions, nothing has been decided,” Wague told reporters in Bamako.

“At no moment did we talk about a government with the military in majority,” he added.

Talks between the Ecowas delegation and members of Mali’s military junta continued on Monday.

Both parties are yet to reach full agreement over discussions meant to resolve Mali’s political crisis.

But the leader of the Ecowas mediation team, Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Jonathan has said that “We have been able to agree on a number of points but not yet on all the discussions.”

The soldiers have agreed to release ousted president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita they do not want to hand over power immediately.

President Keita has been detained since his government was toppled alongside other political leaders.

The soldiers agreed to release him so he “will be able to return to his home” in Bamako.

“And if he wants to travel abroad for treatment, that is not a problem,” the Ecowas source told AFP.

Last Friday thousands of Malians poured onto the streets to celebrate the overthrow of President Keita.

West African leaders have already demanded that their ousted colleague, be reinstated immediately.

The regional bloc then sent its envoys to Mali ensure the return of constitutional order.

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Source: Africafeeds.com

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