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How to Recover Your Ride-hailing Business after COVID-19: Best Tips from Onde

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This July, Ride.Right.Now – the conference for ride-hailing business took place online for the first time. The event was organized by Onde, a tech company powering over 200 ride-hailing companies in 70 countries.

The topic was Hack the Crisis: Business Tips for Post-covid Era. The event gathered several hundred ride-hailing entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and experts from around the globe. Speakers shared insights and best cases on how to survive the crisis that hit the mobility industry.

Below are some of the best tips given by the experts on how to recover your ride-hailing business. 

Harith AL Maqbali, CEO at OTaxi, Oman, joined Anna Lazitskaya from Onde Growth team to discuss local outcomes of the global pandemic and shared his tips and tricks on how his business survived and managed to rebrand successfully amid uncertainty. Watch the full talk here.

Eugene Suslo, CEO at Onde, decomposed the pandemic and highlighted main areas that are booming during COVID-19.

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Among those are work from home, online education and collaboration, online workouts, virtual conferences and events, as well as food delivery. Among the areas that remained untouched in terms of people’s demand are food supplies, getting around the city and getting to work.

This means, there is still room for growth for ride-hailing businesses. However, to stay afloat, it’s important to adjust prices and payment methods, and consider new service types. Eugene gave tips on driver and call center management, as well as highlighted marketing tools to use: online ads, influencers and collaborations are his top activities of choice.

Eugene highlighted the importance of driver loyalty programs, as well as the need to support people and have an active social position as a business: work with non-profits, drive doctors for free, and help distribute healthcare products. See Eugene’s inspiring speech on how to survive in the ride-hailing industry during the pandemic.

Justin Borgesius, Lead Partner Onboarding manager at Onde, talked about Onde’s big social campaign with Red Cross to deliver food and medicine to elderly people and shared the campaign results.

Asher Siddiqui, an investor and mentor with 20+ years of management & investment experience and former 500 Startups partner gave an exclusive live-interview on how to manage business in a crisis

Kamran Elahian gave a profound overview of entrepreneurship and running a business in the new normal.  As a global high-tech entrepreneur, Kamran co-founded 10 companies, had 6 exits, 3 of them were Unicorn IPOs with a total market cap of over $8B. Watch his full talk here.

Dianna Yau, Product manager at Facebook, shared her views on how  to compete against Uber by copying, localizing and innovating. At Facebook, Dianna is building products to scale internet connectivity to the next billion people in emerging markets. Beyond her day job, she helps build up startup ecosystems in emerging markets and has mentored startups across 40+ countries. Full presentation is available on Onde Learn

Onde powers more than 200 ride-hailing businesses in 70+ countries to change the way transportation works. Right.Right.Now is a part of Onde’s mission to change the way the world moves and to contribute to ride-hailing entrepreneurial community development. Visit Onde to get more tips on the ride-hailing industry or sign up for a demo.

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