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Zambian parents asked to delete their sex videos to avoid scandals

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Parents in Zambia have been asked to delete naked videos from their phones to avoid scandals.

The country’s religious minister, Rev Sumaili who made the appeal said parents could have their reputations damaged once their naked videos leak to the public.

Rev Sumaili’s comment followed recent sacking of Zambia’s General Education Minister David Mabumba due to the circulation of a viral video of a man purported to him, seen naked and masturbating.

The said man in the video believed to be the sacked Minister of General Education was seen fondling himself while on live WhatsApp video with a woman in Zambia.

The video of him has been circulating on social media, sparking debates among Zambians.

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The religious minister said whoever played a role in leaking Mabumba’s obscene video is wicked.

The Police have been investigating the circulation of the nude video since last month when the minister was sacked.

Mr Mabumba previously served as energy minister and has now been replaced at the ministry of education by Dennis Wanchinga.

He has not commented on the sex videos as well as his dismissal since last month.


[Video]: Zambia’s education minister sacked amid viral sex video


Source: Africafeeds.com

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