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Malawi’s President backtracks on creating one million jobs

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Malawi’s President Lazarus Chakwera has just spent 100 days in power but appears unwilling to fulfill one of his key promises he made to citizens.

While campaigning for the presidency he promised to create one million jobs and put the youth to work.

But President Chakwera is now backtracking on that promise saying the government can only employ 200,000 people.

He said the government could not create jobs on its own and now needs the private sector to help.

Critics of the government now say Chakwera’s ruling coalition did not have any clear plans to create jobs.

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Some considered the earlier promise prior to the election as a strategy just to win votes.

President Chakwera won a re-run presidential election in June beating then incumbent president, Peter Mutharika.

Shortly after becoming President he spoke of the extent of the impact of the Covid-19 in the country, declaring it a major crisis.

A latest survey conducted in Malawi showed that majority of Malawians were not worried and scared of coronavirus but rather hunger.

81 percent of those spoken to as part of the survey said they were scared of hunger than the deadly virus which has killed many across the world.

The poll was conducted between 7 and 28 May by Malawi’s Institute of Public Opinion and Research (Ipor) and the Swedish researchers.


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