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Six stages of man cold

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Out to the store and everyone around you is dealing with some sort of flu? It might be the flu and cold season peeping. While everyone is prone to acquiring cold and flu, it seems more intense when the man in the family gets it.

There is no science explaining why cold seems to affect males more, but most people agree that truly there is man cold.

If you have had your man go through an episode of flu and couldn’t understand why it seemed so dramatic, this article is for you. You will understand the stages of man cold, which will help you cope with the situation better the next time it happens.

Stage 1: The First Complain

The man will start to complain about feeling off and unproductive. In most situations, the man will say he feels something is coming. He really does not have a direct explanation of what he thinks is coming, but the bottom line is he feels out of the normal.

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The best you could do at this stage is rush to the pharmacy for some meds and probably pass by the liquor store for some wine; you might need it as you deal with the man cold. There is more to come than just feeling odd. You might also want to stock up on some immune support such as Alpha Lion Armor.

Stage 2: Suddenly the Throat is Scratchy

We are not trying to dismiss the fact that the man is sick but how he communicates is the whole point of this story. A day or two after ‘feeling off,’ the throat will start to scratch, and you might hear a few coughs and sneezes. Well, the flu caught him, and now he needs all the attention he could get.

This is the stage where he suddenly likes supplements, wants to make weak tea, and drinks all the hot water he could get.

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Stage 3: I Want to Lie Down

At this stage, fever has kicked in, and the man keeps complaining of feeling cold one minute and hot flashes the other minute. As sick as he looks, he still has the energy to switch the channels for his favorite show and can still walk to the kitchen and back. He must have called you, and you did not hear, so he had to do the most for himself.

This is the stage where you need to be at arm’s reach, if possible. He might need your attention every two minutes, so do not leave his side. Make him feel cozy on the couch, get a blanket, and probably cuddle him up. You might want to share the flu, anyway.

Do not forget to keep a tab of his medicine. Sift through his assortment of medicine to determine which one suits him the best at that time. After all, the symptoms keep changing, and he is now becoming unpredictable.

Stage 4: Where are the Tissues?

The sickness has escalated so fast, and the man is now in the snot stage. For the next two days or so, you can expect to do a lot of cleaning on every surface of your house; your couch, the living room carpet, the kitchen counter, the crib, the dog’s bowls, etc. When you made your first trip to the drug store, you luckily remembered to stock up on some soft tissues.

Hopefully, you did not just buy any tissues; you should have consulted and bought those with Vitamin E or eucalyptus infusions. Maybe that is meant to ease up the coughs and sneezes, but oh well, you will need them at this stage.

Stage 5: Still Whining

Anything that will get the man off the couch might leave him lying there for another 10 days or more. So make his space comfortable, fluff up the pillows, make his favorite sandwich, and just be helpful.

Stage 6: I Was So Sick

The home stretch; the man is feeling better, but he needs to constantly remind you of how sick he was. He has to prove how brave he was that he pulled through. All you can do is be patient, listen to him, and praise him a little more than he has already. Lastly, encourage him to go back to work or continue with his long-abandoned projects.

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