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Reasons why online slots have become a cool hobby in 2020

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Hobbies are many and varied and some take up more time than others. During the recent lockdown, the public got to indulge in their hobbies far more than usual.

Gardening was the number one hobby as people got out into the summer sunshine and got some fresh air and much needed exercise.

Others caught up with some DIY whilst others preferred a more relaxing experience that included box set marathons. 

Gambling Advertising 

You may have been aware of the increase in advertising of major gambling brands during the lockdown.

What was unusual about this was that the adverts were not about the games or the casinos themselves, in fact the focus was solely on responsible gambling and there is a surprising reason behind this.

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Slots at kingcasino are already the most popular form of gambling out there and reasons for this include, accessibility, simplicity and of course the entertainment factor. 

During the national lockdown there was a mass uptake in the numbers of people passing the time gambling on slot games. This caused much concern amongst charities and the government.

Casinos were advised to reinforce the responsible gambling message and all casinos were forced to speed up their withdrawal process. This led to many casinos ditching the pending period that is placed on the withdrawal of winnings.

However, even before the lockdown, slots were and still are a hugely popular hobby that many people regularly enjoy. 

Mainstream Gambling 

Gambling on slots is no longer the social taboo it used to be; in fact it has become the acceptable face of the gambling industry. It is seen as a bit of fun, that is enjoyed by both males and females a like.

Slot sites are regularly advertised on television and many gambling brands sponsor popular TV shows and channels such as Film Four. Some individuals have taken this hobby to the next level and regularly stream their slots exploits on You Tube.

Admittedly, some of the staking is outrageous and only players with huge casino bankrolls would even contemplate spinning the reels at £40 plus a spin. 

Beyond 2020 

Slots will continue to be seen as a cool hobby beyond 2020 and this is because they continue to offer an alternative form of entertainment that people enjoy.

There is great variety in slots games out there and the games just get bigger and better. When times are hard there is extra need for self control when playing these games as they do offer escapist entertainment that the world needs right now. 

When you think that the revenue from slots was £2 billion last year and 39% percent of slots players were female, slots will continue to be seen as a cool pastime by many, way beyond this year.

Slots tick all the right boxes and you can play whether out and about, or locked down during a national crisis. The anonymity slots gambling offers punters only adds to the coolness of slots playing as a major hobby amongst the public of many countries across the globe.

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