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Top-rated Slots Developers: Are there any new names?

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Here’s a question for you: has gambling ever been quite this easy at any other point in human history?

We’re really not too sure that anybody could say it has been easier to gamble at any other point, especially when you factor the ludicrous world of online casinos into the equation.

These days the online casino industry is so advanced that it easily caters for players looking to gamble off their desktops, mobiles or even tablets – you just cannot beat it! Try your luck when you play bonanza slot online today.

Oh yes, it is remarkably and simple easy to play casino gambling games in the 21st century, but one shame is that many people seem to forget the vital companies that have been slogging away making this all possible.

Online slot developers, for example, are some of the most underappreciated organisations in the casino world, however without them we wouldn’t be anywhere near the level we are at today! Want to know whether there are any new names in the field of top rated slots developers? Keep reading to find out. 

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A pick of the top rated slots developers 

First things first, what actually constitutes a top rated slot developer in 2021?

Well, one thing that is definitely true is that modern slot developers have simply got to be skilled at creating exciting bonus features nowadays, and an important part of this is also making sure that the quality of graphics is absolutely top-notch too.

With all this in mind, take a gander at some of these top rated slots developers: 

  • Microgaming: it is difficult to make a list of the top rated slot developers without at least mentioning Microgaming, and that is mainly because they have been around for such a short time. Microgaming are also responsible for some of the most lucrative online slot games in history, with their famous Mega Moolah slot capable of paying out millions if you are lucky!
  • Blueprint Gaming: Blueprint Gaming are another long standing top-rated slot developer, making waves with their HD titles that include the incredible TED slot amongst others. One of the main reasons behind Blueprint Gaming’s recent success has been their series of slots that take inspiration from popular films or TV series – it is a sure fire recipe for gambling excitement!
  • NetEnt: We simply couldn’t leave NetEnt off this list, that would have been a complete and utter tragedy! This Scandinavian developer has been an integral part of the online slot industry for over two decades, and the recent merger with Evolution Gaming is going to be really very exciting indeed.

Some new and exciting names in the slots world 

Most of the top rated slot developers that we have mentioned so far have been long standing companies that have a rich history in the slots industry, however this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some new and exciting names coming through in the slots world.

If you want to check out some fairly new developers, here are a few to get stuck into: 

  • Just For The Win
  • Crazy Tooth Studio
  • Yggdrasil
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