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Can Breastfeeding Mothers Consume CBD?

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Cannabinoids are substances found in breast milk, according to research conducted by the National Institutes of Health. CBD has many health benefits, and therefore breastfeeding mothers are showing interest in using it to solve depression.

There are several reasons behind using cannabidiol as a supplement after the delivery. The reasons for using CBD include anxiety, depression, pain due to delivery, and insomnia. All the symptoms are common in women for the first few weeks after birth, while there are also some hormonal imbalances.

The time taken to breastfeed may extend up to 12 months, and it may result in the interruption of sleep, increased stress, getting emotionally weak, fatigue, and many more issues. In this condition feeding a little one far a day may be overwhelming.

They need a reliever, and here cannabidiol acts as a wonder and makes them relax from the above-said effects. They can take Lazarus Naturals gummies, tincture, chocolate, candy, etc. to have a relaxing effect.

In this article, we will analyze whether breastfeeding mothers can consume cannabidiol. Before diving into this, let us know the potential uses of cannabidiol while breastfeeding.

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What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the active components present in cannabis plants. THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is another highly sensational cannabinoid present in cannabis plants. It is a psychoactive substance that makes the user high. Hemp and marijuana come under the cannabis plants.

They have different THC levels. Marijuana consists of increased THC levels, whereas hemp contains low levels. Cannabidiol is obtained from the hemp plants, and it has a THC of less than 0.3%. According to the World Health Organisation, cannabidiol does produce any psychoactive effects, and it is not addictive to users.

Cannabidiol oil treats chronic pain related to arthritis or joint pain, anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, nausea, cancer, migraine, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, digestive disorders, etc. Pregnant women use it to get relief from morning sickness.

Methods of cannabidiol consumption

Various consumption methods are available, and you can choose the suitable one based on your health needs.

  1. Sublingual method

It is a simple method for people to take it by placing drops of oil or tinctures beneath the tongue. Several capillaries present in that part helps to reach the cannabidiol into the bloodstream more quickly than any other method.

  1. Vaping or smoking

Vape pens are used to inhale the vapor of cannabidiol, and this method also gives instant results. Flowers from cannabis plants are used for smoking to get it into the bloodstream fastly.

  1. Capsules or pills

People who ignore the bitter taste of cannabidiol oil can take it in the form of capsules or pills. It is easy to measure the dosage based on your requirement.

  1. Edibles

Oil is infused with sweets or baked with cookies, and candies, gummies, and chocolates are also prepared. It is a discreet way to consume cannabidiol and has longer-lasting effects.

  1. Topical

Topical can be prepared by blending cannabidiol with coconut or beeswax and applied to the affected areas such as muscles or joints. It is used in the preparation of cosmetics.

Uses of cannabidiol while breastfeeding

It is a new phase of life for a woman for them after the delivery. It affects their sleep cycle and results in anxiety, depression, etc. They face stress, and they are in a situation to change their routine somehow. All issues can be treated by the herb called cannabidiol.

Another advantage of using it is cannabinoids delivered to the baby through breast milk.

  1. Insomnia

New parents often face the issues of insomnia. There are many reasons for insomnia for breastfeeding mothers. It may be due to frequent waking in the night to feed the baby and the neurological changes in her body. Cannabidiol can be used as a supplement to treat insomnia as it has sedative effects, which give relaxation.

  1. Depression

Cannabidiol offers benefits to depression for different causes. It is common after postpartum, about ten in one woman affected by depression. You have to consult with the doctor before taking cannabidiol or other supplements for depression.

  1. Anxiety

Many women are affected by anxiety after the delivery, but they are unaware of it. Cannabidiol binds to the neurotransmitter called GABA and controls the nervous system. It helps to relieve stress and keep you relaxed.

Is it safe to consume cannabidiol while breastfeeding?

It may be clear why women opt for cannabidiol after giving birth, and now the question arises whether it is safe for a baby?

Generally, the supplements or foods taken by the mother will reach the baby through the bloodstream. The fatty substances are highly present in breast milk, and thus it is easy to transfer. Cannabidiol is a fat-soluble substance and is easily dissolved in breast milk. Only a minimal amount is transferred to the digestive tract of the baby.

Cannabidiol binds to the cannabinoid receptors present in various parts of the body. This method activates ECS to impact several functions in the body, such as anxiety, mood, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathic pain, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, osteoporosis, metabolic disorder, and obesity.

Breast milk consists of endocannabinoids which play a crucial role in the development of the baby. It helps the infant stimulate the appetite and teaches them to suckle the milk. Endocannabinoids present in breast milk have the same structure as cannabidiol.

When you take cannabinoids of THC, it is unsafe for babies. It is called psychoactive components present in marijuana. The supplement containing THC or derivatives of THC should be avoided during the time of breastfeeding.

But it is not in the case of cannabidiol. It is not a psychoactive compound and does not have the same interaction with the neurotransmitter called serotonin in the brain. This is the reason for refusing THC to babies.

Cannabidiol works entirely in a different way to act as a balancing agent. It regulates the mechanism of homeostasis in the system. It will not cause issues by consuming while breastfeeding. And at the same time, you have to be cautious when using this as a supplement. No longer is any indication of negative signs, not a dangerous one.

At the same time breastfeeding, women are not advised to use marijuana. It is essential to buy high-quality products for the baby so that it won’t affect the baby’s health. There is also no research study showing the negative case studies. Hence, it is safe to consume cannabidiol while breastfeeding.


Women ingesting cannabidiol after the delivery can pass it into the breast milk and to the baby. There is no proof regarding the unsafety of newborn babies and small children. Ensure that you are purchasing products that do not have THC. Consult with your doctor whether cannabidiol is the right supplement for you while feeding. You have to monitor your baby’s behavior and if there are any changes, report to a doctor.

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