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Best Places for UK Migrants to Live and Work in South Africa

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Settling in a new country is no joke. This process is usually cumbersome, and not doing things right will inadvertently affect your experience in the long run. Those emigrating to South Africa from the UK should not expect anything different.

Regardless of the challenges of emigrating, there’s an easy way out. The easy way is to make educated decisions on where to live and work based on known facts. When considering where to live in South Africa, factors like security, discrimination, job opportunities, cost of living, etc., should be duly considered. 

So, if you are moving to South Africa from the UK and looking for the best place to live and work, keep reading this piece as we’ve curated the four best places for UK migrants to live and work in South Africa.  

1. Cape Town

Cape Town is to South Africa like London is to the UK. Not only is Cape Town among the capital cities of South Africa, but it is also an excellent commercial center. There are various forms of businesses in the city, ranging from retail stores and insurance firms to real estate companies. So, there are lots of jobs available for migrants. 

Also, UK migrants who want to set up a business can easily do that in Cape Town. When you set up a business in this city, you can get a permanent residence permit, similar to the UK’s indefinite leave to remain.

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Even though Cape Town is an expensive city, it is still 54% cheaper than London. The cost of food, accommodation, transportation, etc., is significantly on the lower side of the world. 

Additionally, staying in Cape Town is never boring. The Ocean and large mountains surround the city so you can engage in a wide range of fun activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, kayaking, etc. Let’s not forget the nightlife as well!

2. Pretoria

As one of the capital cities of South Africa, Pretoria is a fantastic place for UK migrants to live and work. Although not a popular destination for migrants, it still holds unique opportunities and experiences. 

You will find jobs in the education and tourism sectors. The University of Pretoria also attracts a lot of foreign scholars each year, so business people can utilize this market. 

Rosslyn, close to Pretoria, is also home to large companies like Momentum Metropolitan, OUTsurance, BMW, and many others. So, you can live in Pretoria while working in Rosslyn.

Pretoria has all a city can offer. There are shopping malls, gyms, schools, health centers, parks, bars, and clubs to glamorize your stay in this city.  

3. Durban

If you work in manufacturing, Durban is perfect. You’ll find countless job opportunities in the automotive, jewelry, steel, and domestic appliance industries in Durban. 

There are also considerable opportunities in the shipbuilding and repairs sector. This is because Durban is situated on the east coast of South Africa and has the busiest terminal in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Due to its strategic location, it is a great place to enjoy water activities. UK migrants will particularly relish Ardington beach and uShaka Marine World. At these spots, you can partake in activities such as Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, parasailing, diving, beach football, and more.

Durban is also way cheaper than Cape Town. You’ll find properties—either for rent or ownership, transportation, food, utilities, etc., more affordable here. 

Regarding health, Durban has the best healthcare facilities in South Africa. As a migrant, it will be in your interest to get appropriate health insurance to cover the rising cost of private healthcare. 

4. Johannesburg

Those seeking a community with many English-speaking migrants should settle in Johannesburg. With the language barrier broken, it is much easier to blend in. 

Interestingly, Johannesburg ranked number 2 in the Internationals work-life index. This city offers residents a plethora of leisure activities. 

Even though the city lacks coastal views, it still has fantastic recreational facilities such as Jazz clubs, Museums, theatres, etc. So, you can never be bored on a day out in Johannesburg. 


We’ve listed the top 4 best places to live and work in South Africa. These places are safe for migrants, have thriving local economies, social amenities, and offer good social life. 

While we have helped you narrow your choice, it would be best if you speak with an immigration lawyer Birmingham before leaving the UK. Doing this will make your stay smooth in South Africa.

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