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Here are the top 10 most Instagrammable capital cities in the world

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A new study has revealed the most Instagrammable capital cities in the world, with the UK’s London being crowned the most picturesque.  

The study by no deposit bonus code experts analysed Instagram hashtag data for every capital city in the world, using four identical hashtag structures for each capital city to reveal the most posted capital city in the world. 

London is officially the most hashtagged capital city worldwide, according to the study. The tourist hotspot has plenty of beautiful sites to capture, from Buckingham Palace to the Natural History Museum, and there are currently nearly 178 million posts on Instagram that celebrate the capital city.

Specifically, tourists who visit London have posted photos of Buckingham Palace 1.6 million times and the London Eye 3.5 million times on Instagram 

The second most picturesque capital city is Paris. The city has nearly 150 million Instagram posts celebrating Parisian culture, with over 7.8 million posts in particular on the Eiffel Tower alone.  

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Jakarta, Indonesia, is the third most Instagrammable capital city in the world. The city has many tourist attractions and is the most Instagrammable city in Asia, ahead of Tokyo. Jakarta has been posted 72 million times on Instagram by tourists and residents alike.  

Tokyo is the world’s fourth most snapped capital city, with 67 million combined posts under the hashtags. Tourists have posted Tokyo Tower 1.3 million times on Instagram, whilst history-loving tourists have tagged the iconic Senso-ji Temple 198,000 times on Instagram.  

The fifth most picturesque capital city in the world is Ankara in Turkey. The city has been posted on Instagram 61 million times.

The top ten most Instagrammable capital cities in the world 

Rank Capital City Country Total Number of Hashtags
1 London England 177,934,999
2 Paris France 149,598,324
3 Jakarta Indonesia 72,508,916
4 Tokyo Japan 67,424,269
5 Ankara Turkey 61,387,994
6 Berlin Germany 56,503,188
7 Madrid Spain 51,858,681
8 Singapore Singapore 46,552,604
9 Praia Cape Verde 41,888,077
10 Bogotá Colombia 41,068,167

Berlin is the sixth most Instagrammable capital city in the world, which has been posted on Instagram by tourists and residents alike over 56 million times.  

The seventh most picturesque city is Madrid. Astonished tourists and residents who love the city have posted Madrid on Instagram a combined 51 million times 

Singapore is the eighth most Instagram worthy capital city. Known as a city-state, the island has a beautiful, colourful metropolitan city that has been tagged 46 million times on Instagram.  

The ninth most Instagrammable city is Praia in Cape Verde. This picturesque paradise is also the most Instagrammable capital city in Africa, with almost 42 million posts under the city’s hashtags 

Bogotá in Columbia is the tenth most Instagrammble capital city. The beautiful city has been captured by tourists and residents 41 million times.  

A spokesperson for commented on the findings: “Across the world, there are many popular tourist hotspots that take the form of capital cities, with this new study placing London and Paris at the top.

For those interested in visiting beautiful cities this summer and undecided which ones to travel to first, this list can serve as a checklist to visit the ones deemed the most picturesque.

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