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Gambia: Three people charged over coup plot

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Gambian police prosecutors have charged two civilians and a police officer in connection with last month’s alleged coup plot.

Prosecutors accused the suspects of conspiring and failing to report information on the planned overthrow of President Adama Barrow in October and December 2022 within the capital, Banjul, and other places in the country.

They were also accused of being informed by the alleged ringleader of a plan to overthrow President Barrow, which they failed to report to the relevant authorities.

They were charged with concealment of treason and conspiracy to commit a felony. They all deny the charges.

Last week the Gambian government confirmed the foiled coup attempt. Four soldiers were arrested at the time and three alleged accomplices were said to be on the run.

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But extra arrests were made days including a second-lieutenant of the Gambian infantry, and a captain from the military intelligence and security unit.

Seven people including two officers and five soldiers have so far been arrested in connection with the alleged plot.

Last week, a national security adviser said civilians were involved with their role being to finance the alleged foiled coup.

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