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IFX Brokers: A Quick Guide to their Account Types

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IFX Brokers is a leading South African online broker, providing traders with cutting-edge tools.

IFX Brokers offers private and institutional clients a convenient one-stop-shop for trading and investing by way of the cutting-edge MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms for online trading of over 200 products in 6 asset classes.

IFX Brokers Account Types

Standard, Premium, VIP, Islamic, Swap-Free, and Cent Plus Demo Accounts are the six distinct types of accounts offered by IFX Brokers. To open a live trading account with IFX Brokers, a minimum deposit of $10 USD up to $1000 USD is required.

IFX Standard Account

With just a ten dollar initial deposit, a new client can open an IFX Standard account and be eligible for the IFX Sign-Up Bonus. You can use either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 with your IFX Standard Account.

IFX Premium Account

The opening deposit for an IFX Premium Account is $250. Although the Premium Account does not qualify for an IFX Sign-Up Bonus, it does provide the applicant with favourable trading terms.

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IFX VIP Account

A minimum investment of $1,000 USD is required to open a VIP Account with IFX, giving traders access to RAW Spreads, competitive commission structures, and prime trading conditions.

IFX VIP Account

There is no interest (Riba) charged on the IFX Islamic Account because it is a Swap-Free account. A minimum deposit of $10 USD is required to start an account.

IFX Cent Account

The IFX Cent account, which requires a minimum investment of only $10 USD, is a great option for those just getting started in the forex market.

IFX Demo Account

If you are new to forex trading, IFX Brokers provides a risk-free sample account so you can get some experience. After 30 days, the demo account will be disabled. IFX Brokers allows traders to request that their demo account not expire.

Benefits of trading with IFX Brokers

IFX Brokers is an OTC Forex broker with extensive experience in the Forex markets and is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Two derivative specialists are on the Board of Directors, which has a combined 91 years of expertise in the business.

Because of this forward-thinking group, IFX was the first local broker to provide clients the option of keeping funds in a cash wallet for the purpose of quick and easy account funding. Since this concept offers genuine convenience to Forex traders, it was quickly adopted by other firms.

A company culture of dedication, openness, and trust underpins all that IFX Brokers does. This philosophy isn’t just for show; it guides the broker’s day-to-day operations and helps guarantee a safe, reliable, and helpful atmosphere for traders.

Since the foreign exchange market (Forex) is the largest and most volatile financial market in the world, traders need instant and reliable access to all the trading action under safe and favourable circumstances, which is exactly what IFX Brokers provides.

IFX Broker has announced that they will be releasing a feature-rich mobile app and an auto-approved account opening system as part of their ongoing commitment to innovation and cutting-edge trading tools. This will facilitate mobile trading and the opening of new trading accounts wherever you happen to be.

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