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Africa’s top 10 most popular wedding destinations

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In a global era where couples seek extraordinary and unforgettable wedding experiences, the enchantment of Africa’s diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and breathtaking scenery is capturing the hearts of couples worldwide.

A recent global study conducted by South African engagement ring specialist GoldTrust has unveiled the most coveted African destinations for couples envisioning an idyllic destination wedding.

To rank the countries, GoldTrust looked at worldwide monthly searches in 2024 related to booking a wedding in each country, for example “book a wedding in South Africa.”

At the forefront of this global fascination with destination weddings is Nigeria, boasting a remarkable 48,300 monthly searches —surpassing the combined searches for Ghana and South Africa, which round out the top three destinations.

Known for its vibrant culture, lush landscapes, and dynamic cities, Nigeria offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary wedding venues, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking an exceptional celebration.

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Ghana, with 19,090 monthly searches is second on the list. Ghana’s rich cultural heritage and beautiful coastal settings make it a favorite for those seeking a meaningful and serene setting.

South Africa comes in third, with 17,320 monthly searches. South Africa’s diverse landscapes, from breathtaking vineyards to stunning beaches, provide a picture-perfect backdrop for any wedding.

Mauritius, an island nation known for its pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and exotic landscapes, garners 6,290 monthly global searches. Its reputation as a romantic getaway makes it a dream destination for weddings and honeymoons alike.

With 3,430 and 3,080 monthly searches respectively, Egypt and Morocco are favored for their historical significance and mesmerizing beauty. Egypt’s ancient monuments and the romantic Nile settings offer a timeless backdrop, while Morocco’s enchanting cities and desert landscapes provide a setting straight out of a fairy tale.

The Seychelles, an archipelago of unparalleled beauty, records 1,850 monthly searches, appealing to those who dream of an intimate beach wedding surrounded by nature’s splendor.

For couples seeking off-the-beaten-path locales, Cameroon (870 monthly searches), Sierra Leone (670), and Sudan (410) offer unique landscapes and cultural experiences. From Cameroon’s verdant rainforests to Sierra Leone’s untouched beaches and Sudan’s rich history, these destinations provide a canvas for a truly distinctive wedding.

With 50 monthly searches, South Sudan represents th ultimate choice for adventurous couples looking to celebrate their love in one of the world’s newest and least explored countries.

This study uncovers the growing global interest in African destinations for weddings, driven by the continent’s diverse offerings from luxurious beach resorts to cultural ceremonies and breathtaking natural landscapes. As couples worldwide seek to make their special day unforgettable, Africa stands out as a continent that can turn wedding dreams into reality.

About This Study

This study, conducted by leading South African gold wedding band and engagement ring company GoldTrust, utilized Google search data to determine the most sought-after African destinations by couples considering a destination wedding. The findings highlight the growing trend towards unique, culturally rich wedding experiences that blend adventure with romance.

Country Monthly Searches For Destination Weddings
Nigeria 48,300
Ghana 19,090
South Africa 17,320
Mauritius 6,290
Egypt 3,430
Morocco 3,080
Seychelles 1,850
Cameroon 870
Sierra Leone 670
Sudan 410
South Sudan 50



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