Hundreds of Congolese arrested in Uganda for illegal entry

Police in western Uganda’s Kasese District are holding over 130 Congolese nationals for illegal entry.

Authorities say the Congolese entered Uganda and stayed at Kayanja, on the shores of Lake George, without proper clearance from the migration office.

The suspects had allegedly illegally processed Uganda national identification cards during the general voters’ registration, which most of them used to beat the border scrutiny.

“We had been suspicious as security officers in Uganda that some criminals may take advantage and use the lake shores to enter Uganda without clearance.

Politically unstable

“Our neighbouring country is politically unstable, which puts us on tension that they may take advantage,” Mr Vincent Mwesigye, the local Bwera division police boss, said.

Mr Mwesigye explained that, police and the immigration office Mpodwe lhubirugha at the Uganda-DR Congo border, conducted an operation on Friday at Kayanja landing site where they suspected most Congolese nationals and other cross-border criminals to have entered Uganda through Lake George.

“Cross border crimes are always common in this place of Kayanja, which keeps us suspicious” Mr Mwesigye added.





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