Gambia’s Army Chiefs regret Jammeh’s coup in 1994

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) has said that it regrets the July 22nd coup that brought the former long term leader, Yahya Jammeh into power in 1994.

The army chiefs said the success of that coup “brought untold terror and mayhem to Gambians”.

In a statement the soldiers said “We the armed and security services of the Republic of The Gambia and The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) in particular are aware of the concerns of many on the potential repercussions on national security of the recently proposed celebrations of the 22nd July revolution.”

The Armed Forces described the July 22nd revolution as “an unconstitutional military takeover”.

Mr. Jammeh ruled for decades until his defeat in a presidential election in 2016 by now president Adama Barrow. He was forced into exile after refusing to accept the elections results.

The new president has introduced many reforms hoping to get the country back on track to economic recovery.

The Gambia Armed Forces is also quoted in the statement as saying it now “wishes to disassociate itself with July 22nd, the birth of which has subsequently brought untold terror and mayhem to Gambians.”

“The GAF therefore, regret July 22nd and wish it has never happened.  It recognised its subservient to civil authority and is comfortable with that and wishes to assure Gambians that it has learnt its lessons and convinced that the military is not suitable in politics and governance,” the statement added.

The statement signed by the Lieutenant Colonel Omar B Bojang is seen by many as a signal of the military’s support for the current democratic dispensation in the West African nation.

“The Gambia Armed Forces wishes to state in clear terms it’s recognition of and complete submission to the current democratic government”, the statement added.




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