Christian-minority in Sudan to open schools on Sundays

Sudanese authorities have asked the Christian-minority in the country to comply with the working week of the Muslim-majority.

The new directive affects the educational sector as schools have been asked to take Fridays and Saturdays as their weekends and to open schools on Sundays.

Muslims observe Friday as a day of worship and rest in most Islamic countries. It is the day for the weekly congregational prayer – the Jum’ah salat. Saturday is added as the other day of rest in most places.

Islamically, Sunday is considered the first day of the week – referred to as Yawmul Ahad – Day One. On the contrary, most members of the Christian faith have Sunday as their day of worship.

A radio channel in the country published the official communication from the education ministry on its Facebook page.

Christian-minority in the country have been long seen as a persecuted with priests having been arrested and charged among others with undermining the state and espionage.




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