Ghana to supply Burkina Faso with electricity

Officials in Ghana have announced that the country will begin supplying its neighbor Burkina Faso with 100 Megawatts of electricity.

Ghana has said that it has already started building a supply line from its Upper East regional town of Bolgatanga to Burkina Faso to enable the supply of the electricity.

Completion of this project will take place in 2018 after the timeline was shifted from this year due to some challenges.

Ghana’s energy minister Boakye Agyarko and his Burkinabe counterpart Professor Alfa Oumar Dissa on Monday held a meeting to finalize the deal in Accra.

Ghana’s deputy energy minister Wiliam Owuraku told the media after the meeting that “ Burkina Faso has decide to embark on a developmental agenda” and “they need more power and Ghana as a brother has agreed to supply power to the tune of a 100 megawatts in total to Burkina Faso”

Ghana has in the past supplied power to Burkina Faso but just under 10 megawatts occasionally.

The Burkinabe delegation that visited Accra also discussed efforts towards ensuring that the overflow of its Bagri Dam will be channeled into mini dams and irrigation facilities in the Northern part of the Ghana where both countries share border.



Source Africa Feeds

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