Grace Mugabe stripped off state security

The government of Zimbabwe has withdrawn state security officers detailed to former first lady of the country, Grace Mugabe.

Local media reported that most aides assigned to the wife of the former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe have also been “recalled and reassigned”.

NewsDay reported that Grace Mugabe “no longer has a team that is dedicated to her,” according to a source the paper quoted.

“Grace will largely depend on the team that is assigned to the former president. She can no longer determine how the aides operate, but will be an indirect beneficiary of her husband,” the source told NewsDay.

Zimbabwe’s Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba in reaction to the news said “logically, I believe it would be expensive for the government to provide security to Chatunga [Mugabe’s youngest child] now whenever he travels to America or decides to relocate there.”

“I think the idea is that security details and other benefits are accrued to the principal [Mugabe]. Other members now enjoy through the principal and not by virtue of their position or association.” Charamba said.

Last year details of the package Former President Mugabe was given as part of a deal for his exit showed that Mr. Mugabe will be receiving a first class air travel on four foreign trips per year; private houses and an army of aides and domestic staff as part of the deal.

The Pan-Africanist has also received a diplomatic passport and three vehicles, including a Mercedes limousine.

Herald has reported that the former Zimbabwean leader would also receive a four-wheel drive station wagon and a pick-up. Should these vehicles wear out, they will be replaced every five years.

Details of the package for Mugabe’s exit was published in a notice sanctioned by Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The official notice also revealed that “There shall be employed in connection with the residence of the former President (i) three domestic employees, and (ii) two gardeners, and (iii) two cooks and two waiters and (iv) two laundry persons.”

“The ex-president will also get security staff, office workers and aide de camp officers,” said the Herald.

Robert Mugabe resigned from office last month after a military takeover.



Source Africa Feeds

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