Ethiopia bus crash kills dozens including students

Over thirty people are reported to have died after the bus they were travelling in plunged off a cliff in northern Ethiopia.

State media reported on Tuesday that “A total of 38 people, (28 male, and 10 female) were killed in the accident.”

Fana Broadcast Corporate however said the crash took place in the Legambo district of the regional state of Amhara.

Local media however reported that ten passengers survived and sustained “serious and minor injuries”.

A local official said told the Fana media that most of the passengers were coming from towns near the site of the crash.

The cause of the accident is still unknown.

“You can guess it might be technical, but the police are investigating it,” the local official is quoted as saying.

Ethiopia, one of its fastest-growing economies, has expanded and renovated its road network in recent years but many people rely on buses for long-distance travel.



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