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Ghana: Man fakes suicide attempt to create awareness

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A man in Ghana on Tuesday staged a fake suicide attempt creating panic in the capital Accra.

The unidentified man was seen sitting on top of 20-foot statue of Obetsebi Lamptey, one of Ghana’s Independence heroes.

He was supported by some residents to climb on top of the statue with the help of a ladder, according to local media reporting.

The man only known as Dr. Think Twice then shouted he will jump to his death because “My wife has left me”.

He had claimed it wasn’t worth living any longer and wanted to die, drawing a large crowd around the statue.

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Police officers were able to rescue him and then whisked him away.

JOY FM in Accra reported that the man said he staged the fake suicide attempt to create awareness about suicide.

He said he was on an anti-societal pressure campaign to draw attention to the issue of suicide in Ghana.

Attempting suicide is a criminal offence in Ghana, with many psychiatric experts pushing for the decriminalization of Suicide.




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