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Covid-19: The stories of 300 global Black doctors’ and nurses’

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A project called the THE BLACK FRONTLINE has been launched and aimed at framing the pandemic through the stories of 300 global black doctors and nurses in 3 cities on 3 continents.

In what founders of the project call the oral history project, 100 doctors and nurses in Accra, another 100 in New York City and similar number in London will be sharing their stories through the pandemic.

The project is the vision of The Armah Institute of Emotional Justice, led by Executive Director and international award-winning journalist Esther Armah, and is co-directed with COVID Black, led by Founder and Director, Dr. Kim Gallon.

In a statement the groups behind the project said “With The Black Frontline, we connect personal stories to strategies for structural change within the healthcare sector. This is Year 1 of The Black Frontline, a multi-year project.

Our vision is to reduce inequity within the health care sector by centering the experience during COVID of doctors and nurses. The Black Frontline began in November 2020.”

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For most parts of January, 2021, The Black Frontline’s media campaign is hoping to “engage and invite doctors and nurses to participate in telling their stories of practicing medicine, treating patients, working within the healthcare sector during COVID19.”

Esther Armah, The Black Frontline Project Founder and Director said “When we center the
stories and experiences of global Black healthcare workers, we are taking pivotal steps in
transforming our understanding of a sector, working to shape change within the world of

Kim Gallon, The Black Frontline’s Co-Director also noted that “The Black Frontline is the first draft of the history of global Black healthcare providers’ role in the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Carol Cooper, Site Manager for The Black Frontline London said “The Black Frontline is our voices, our experiences, our influence, shaping Black futures in healthcare across 3 cities in 3 continents. Building back better for race, health and equity.”

The Black Frontline is endorsed by the Ghana Medical Association – Greater Accra region
and Advancing Health Equity in New York.


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