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Ghana to screen China arrivals for Covid-19

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Ghana has imposed travel restrictions on passengers from China over coronavirus concerns.

The restriction which will take effect on Friday follows China’s decision to drop its Covid-19 controls in December last year.

Ghanaian authorities said passengers from China will be tested at the airport for free and must also present a negative test result 48 hours before arrival.

Morocco has already banned travellers from China regardless of their nationality until further notice.

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Morocco is a top destination for tourists especially from China every year, travelling on flights that come via the Gulf.

The north African nation doesn’t want to compromise on the health of its population.

Several countries have imposed restrictions on travellers from China due to a surge in COVID-19 cases.

For example, passengers arriving in England from China now have to provide a negative Covid test before they board a flight. The US is testing people on arrival.

Countries that plan to test travellers say the policy will help spot worrying new variants early and prevent an influx of cases.

International health experts have argued that the lifting of restrictions in China has led to Covid-19 spreading much faster.

But Beijing’s foreign ministry has said coronavirus rules should only be introduced on a “scientific” basis and accused Western countries and media of “hyping up” the situation.

Morocco bans travellers arriving from China over COVID surge


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