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DRC militia chief arrested

A man believed to be a leader in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Kamwina Nsapu militia has been detained over a beheading in the troubled Kasai region, a judicial source told AFP on Thursday.

New date for DRC delayed presidential poll

Presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo is expected to take place on December 23, 2018 after several delays sparking violent clashes in parts of the country.

Thousands flee violence in DRC – UNHCR

The United Nations on Tuesday said thousands of people have fled violence in Democratic Republic of Congo in the past month and are now seeking refuge in Zambia.

Eastern Congo rebels to march on Kinshasa

A rebel spokesman in eastern Congo said on Friday that his movement intended to march across the country to the capital Kinshasa to depose President Joseph Kabila, who refused to quit power at the end of his mandate last year.

Congo to punish killers of U.N. experts

The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo Joseph Kabila has assured the United Nations that killers of two UN investigators in the central African country will be punished.

DRC: Police fire tear gas at opposition party supporters

Police fired tear gas to disperse supporters of Democratic Republic of Congo’s opposition chief on Sunday as they gathered in the capital amid high tensions over election delays keeping President Joseph Kabila in power, a Reuters witness…