Ghanaian man with over 100 children still wants more

An 80 year old man from Ghana, Togbui Kofi Asilenu has spent his life for the past 40 years giving birth to over 100 children with his 12 wives.

The farmer from the Eastern part of the West African nation cannot identify all his children but still wants to continue to give birth.

According to local media Asilenu’s children and wives visited him at his residence on Sunday, June 18 which was celebrated globally as Fathers’ Day to congratulate him for being a responsible father.

Some of his children cannot confirm their placements in the family due to their numbers, likewise Asilenu’s inability to track all his children and mention their names.

His inability to know all his children and recognize them led to Asilenu proposing marriage to one of his daughters who he met in town.

“He [Asilenu] met the lady and said he loved her…..and later on, the lady said she was his daughter. He [Asilenu] said his eyes were worrying him, that was why he didn’t notice it was her own daughter and we laughed over it,” one of Asilenu’s sons told the media.

Asilenu told local TV station TV3 that “If I get a lady today, I will marry her and have more children. As for men, even in old age we can still father children. I’m not impotent,”

The 12 wives of Asilenu live in harmony and all their children are reported to have a strong family bond. His first wife, Nayome Asilenu told the media she was not happy with her husband’s lifestyle initially.

Asilenu’s oldest child is 40 years old and the youngest is a year old.


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