Chinese condoms ‘too small’ for Zimbabwe men

Health officials in Zimbabwe are reported to be unhappy with the quality of condoms imported from China into the South African country.

The health minister of Zimbabwe David Parirenyatwa has said that young people in Zimbabwe complained about the size of the imported condoms, saying that they were “too small”.

The minister has challenged private condom manufactures in the country to produce condoms so as “to address concerns over the size of condoms imported from China”.

NewsDay, reported that Parirenyatwa said manufacturing condoms locally would also save on foreign currency.

Parirenyatwa at the launch of the Zimbabwe Private Sector HIV and Aids and Wellness (ZIPSHAW) coordinating board in the capital Harare urged private companies “to come on board in the fight against HIV and start manufacturing drugs together with condoms, which are suitable for the Zimbabwean people”.

New also reported that at least 109.4 million condoms were distributed in Zimbabwe in 2016. That amounted to about 33 condoms per individual for a year.
The trend in Zimbabwe makes the country one of the five countries that had exceeded the United Nations Population Funds regional mark of 30 male condoms per man per year. Many Southern African countries are striving to control the HIV and Aids prevalence and the use of condoms is a key strategy.



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