Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Ghana: Over 200 schoolkids exposed to bee attack

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Mohammed Awal Mohammed
Mohammed Awal Mohammed
Awal Mohammed is a Ghanaian journalist who specializes in political reporting in Africa.

Over 200 pupils in a basic school in Ghana are at the mercy of bees. They continuously face attacks as they learn in the open.

Ghana’s online news outlet, Starrfm.com.gh reports that a basic school in Bongo in Northern Ghana where these kids study are without classrooms.

Natives of a village called Goo in Bongo where the school is found, say the government has neglected the plights of their children.

Pupils reportedly have to take shelter in nearby structures including rocks whenever the stinging insects appear in a swarm at the school.

Pascal Ayamga, a teacher is quoted by Starrfm.com.gh as saying “Because the school is an open area, we experience bee disturbances.

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I remember some time ago, I don’t know what happened, the bees just spread to the school. It was serious. We had to push some of the children to the nearby house to prevent the hovering bees from harming them.”

Ayamga adds that “Whenever it happens, the children can’t go back to the school and learn. That ends the day. It’s unfortunate that we don’t have classrooms. That is why these bees have access to disturb the kids.”

Kids worried

“We don’t feel comfortable,” Gladys Akuure, a primary-five pupil told the news portal.

She adds that they “cannot fully concentrate under a tree when our teacher is teaching and something is happening around at the same time. Sometimes, winds throw dust at us and they blow our books away from our benches.”

Meanwhile, a government official for the area Peter Ayinbisa Ayamga has confirmed his outfit is aware of the said situation but had no “money now” to resolve it.

“We are aware of it but we don’t have money now to be able to put up any classroom for them. In the course of this year, GETFund will be giving us some projects. If we get, we can put up at least a 6-unit classroom block for them,” the DCE stated.

There are many schools in deprived communities in Ghana still without proper structures. That means students and teachers alike have to undertake academic activities in the open or under trees.

The government has said it has eliminated a lot of such schools across the country.



Source: Africafeeds.com

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