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Politician tied to tree for not fulfilling campaign promise

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A politician in Mexico made the headline weeks ago when he was reportedly tied to a tree by his constituents for not fulfilling his campaign promise.

Residents of Southern Mexico were angry with their mayor Óscar Ramírez who had promised to ensure that series of public projects for the city of Frontera Comalapa in the state of Chiapas get improved.

He promised improvements to the water system among others leading to his election, Elite Readers reported.

During a meeting with representatives from the town’s communities, the mayor was questioned about the poor state of the water system after he unveiled a water tank.

The residents alleged that the tank was broken down and had just been patched up using cement.

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A resident was quoted as saying that the mayor “promised us that it would be a decent work for the people of Comalapa, but it was all a sham because the water system does well.”

“It is a long-standing problem that must be dealt with properly and t be a priority in this [term], because he came to see us at our houses promise and now he does not want to comply,” the resident added.

The representatives at the meeting captured in a picture then forced the mayor to stand beside a tree and tied him with his hands behind his back.

But Mayor Ramírez has denied that he was tied to the tree despite the photos downplaying the incident.




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