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Sierra Leone wants to allow dual citizens run for office as MPs

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Sierra Leone’s government is making moves to allow dual citizens be deemed qualified to run for office as Members of Parliament.

Sierra Leone’s laws do not currently allow for that with critics saying it deprives the country of competent human resources who can serve in various leadership positions including lawmaking.

President Julius Maada Bio said in a tweet on Wednesday that his “Government has just approved and authorised the Attorney General to lay in parliament a proposed amendment to the Constitution of Sierra Leone that will allow dual citizens to be qualified to be elected as Members of Parliament.”

Many African countries have laws that do not allow dual citizens to contest for high political and public offices.

Sierra Leone is hoping to make changes to its laws to ensure that many citizens get the chance to contest for political offices.

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On social media there have been reactions to this move by the Sierra Leonean government which was a campaign promise.

Sierra Leone in recent years has been making efforts to reform its laws including the vote by lawmakers to abolish the death penalty.

Moving forward, offenders sentenced to death will rather have their punishment replaced with life imprisonment.

This has been celebrated by human rights activists who have campaigned for the death penalty to be abolished.


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