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DRC probes killing of Burundian refugees

The Democratic Republic of Congo said Sunday that it had opened an inquiry after soldiers fired on Burundian refugees in the eastern South Kivu province, killing dozens.

Gunmen enter UN office in Burundi

Several gunmen forcibly entered the Burundi office of the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, an official said Wednesday.

Burundi accused of committing crimes against humanity

Crimes against humanity are being committed in Burundi, according to a United Nations commission of inquiry. Killings, torture, sexual violence, degrading treatment, enforced disappearances and arbitrary arrests have been taking place since…

Burundi: Many continue to flee abuses

Burundians continue to flee their country due to ongoing threats and abuses despite their government's insistence that many are returning, according to a report published on Thursday.

Burundi robotics team members gone missing in US

Six teenagers from Burundi taking part in a robotics competition in the US have been reported missing, police say. Four boys and two girls - aged from 16 to 18 - disappeared during the First Global Challenge tournament in Washington DC. The…

8 people killed in grenade attack in Burundi

A Burundi official says eight people have been killed in a grenade attack on a bar in the country's rural northern area. Devote Ndayizeye, the administrator of Gatara commune in the province of Kayanza where the attack took place on Sunday…

Burundi authorities purge army on ethnic lines

Burundian authorities have intensified an ethnically-driven purge of the army this year, risking renewed civil war in the central African nation, a French rights group said on Tuesday. Conflict in Burundi would alarm global powers because…