Ghanaians “go crazy” about religious “Obinim Sticker”

Ghanaians are very religious and they love their church as they flood various worship centers everyday to sing and say prayers to their object of worship.

The country however is dominated by charismatic churches mostly established by individuals who call themselves Bishops, Pastors or Prophets.

Many of these Bishops, Pastors and Prophets are widely reported by local media to have duped their congregants by selling them objects in the name of miracles.

In Ghana one controversial pastor that is widely spoken about is called Bishop Daniel Obinim who is the founder and General overseer of International God’s Way Church.

He is known for his claim to have performed several miracles and has special relationship with God, calling himself an Angel.

In the past weeks, Ghanaians have flooded social media to talk about obtaining a sticker from one of its talked about pastors.

The sticker called the “Obinim Sticker” is a special sticker some of his congregants claimed to have bought and used leading to miraculous happenings in their lives.

Social media users in Ghana have been mocking the said stickers claiming to received their miracles after buying them.



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