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This is why you should not use saliva as sex lubricant

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During sex many people often use saliva as a lubricant but that practice could be dangerous according to some medical experts.

A Nigerian medical expert, Dr Kolade Johnson, has warned against the practice, according to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Johnson, said “when someone with a mouth sore uses saliva as a sex lubricant, the partner would be exposed to genital herpes,” the agency reported.

According to Johnson other diseases that could arise from using saliva as a sex lubricant include Human Papilo Virus, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and even Gonorrhea, amongst others.

The medical expert believes it could be worse for women since saliva could cause vaginal or yeast infections in the Vagina.

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He is quoted as saying that “Saliva cannot even be as slippery as expected which can easily cause tears because it gets dried up easily.

Also, if the person has bad breath it can cause horrible smelling discharge. So, the best thing is to engage in foreplay to get wet before the real action.”

“But if that is not attainable, get a lubricant in registered pharmacies and not popular chemists around or people hawking drugs,” Johnson said.


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