Friday, March 24, 2023

Child Online Africa founder receives philanthropy award

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Ghanaian Child rights advocates, Awo Aidam Amenyah has been recognized for her works in advancing the protection of the rights of children.

The founder of Child Online Africa, a pan-African non-profit organization has for over a decade now been fighting for the safety of children online.

At Ghana’s national philanthropy awards event in the capital Accra, Amenyah and fifteen others were recognized for their works in various fields.

A citation for the award winners read that it goes “goes to individuals, foundation or organizations with a proven record of exceptional generosity and demonstrated outstanding civic and philanthropic responsibility, and whose efforts encourage others to become philanthropic leaders”.

Amenyah expressed delight at the recognition and said she dedicated the award to “every African child who is online, partners and cheerleaders.”

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“I am because of them,” added said.

Amenyah’s organization has been at the fore front pushing for an end stigma against young girls when it comes to menstruation.

She believes ending such a menace will encourage more girls to go to school and engaging in other social activities.

Child Online Africa has consistently demanded for reforms across Africa to make the internet safer for children.

This year Amenyah led her group to launch an Online Safety guide for the Family.

This document is to offer a range of information from a number of different sources, including the information for children and parents since they are the gate keepers of children most often.

According to Child Online Africa the Online Safety guide for the Family is helpful document that will aid in starting the cyber safety awareness conversation while educating more Ghanaian parents on where to report threats associated with the use of the internet without compromising on simple and practical solutions for the purposes of parental guidance.

The group’s annual campaign dubbed #NiceNetNovember is held every November since 2016, devoted to activities that reinforce awareness creation for child online safety effort.

The Nice Net Campaign for this year was heralded by the Hike for the child online campaign.

The campaign which is a charity cause was an initiative to spark up the discussion and support for safety and well-being of children across Africa, and was climaxed by the 3rd Child Online Protection Forum.


Child Online Africa launches safety guide for families



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