Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Religion & Culture

Tunisia sentences British DJ for Muslim prayer remix

A Tunisian court has sentenced a British DJ to a year in jail after he played a dance remix of the Muslim call to...

Media Summit in Ghana to examine the ‘Online’ world

A media summit in Accra, Ghana next week will be examining the role of digital media as millions of Africans continue to engage in various activities online via social media.

Tanzanian albino children under attack

Four Tanzanian children with albinism, who lost limbs in brutal superstition-driven attacks, arrived in the United States on Saturday for medical treatment and respite from a homeland where they are persecuted and feared.

British scientists in world-first TB breakthrough

British scientists have made a world-first breakthrough in the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

Facebook criticized over sexual images of children

Facebook has been criticised for its handling of reports about sexualised images of children on its platform.

Spain appoints Minister to address low birth rate

Spain has appointed a minister to help boost the country's "catastrophically low" birth rate.

‘Why I shared my HIV status on Twitter’

"When I found out at 14 that I was HIV-positive, I didn't think I would live to see 18, I am turning 22 this year."

Anti-voodoo cult members die from suffocation in Benin

Members of a Benin cult who participated in a prayer ritual that killed five people receive care at a hospital in Porto Novo, Benin....

Nigeria crowns Virgin Queen for 2017

Dolapo Makunjuola, Miss Virginity 2017 in Nigeria. Photo Credit: Premium Times Sixteen-Year old Miss Dolapo Makunjuola has won 2017 Miss Virginity Beauty Pageant held yesterday...

Women’s ‘day off for periods’ sparks debate in Zambia

Mutinta Musokotwane-Chikopela, a mother says there are already too many holidays in Zambia. Photo Credit: BBC Discussing female menstruation publicly is something of a taboo...

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