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Zimbabwe renames Harare Airport after Mugabe

The Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe has been renamed after the country's long serving leader, Robert Mugabe, according to official communication from the government.

Zimbabwe’s opposition sues Mugabe over Voters Register

The opposition leader in Zimbabwe, Morgan Tsvangirai and his party the MDC have sued the country's President Robert Mugabe for announcing a date for the start of compiling a new voter register ahead of the country's 2018 presidential and…

Mugabe claims Zimbabwe can feed itself again

Zimbabwe produced enough food to feed its people for the first time since adopting a controversial policy to strip land from white farmers, President Robert Mugabe told parliament on Tuesday.

Zimbabwe: New voter register compilation starts on Sept 14

President Robert Mugabe on Friday said Zimbabwe will begin compiling a new voter register next week ahead of the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections, in which the 93-year-old is seeking to extend his 37-year hold on power.